2020Studio circuit Q202, Vienna
World Art Week, November 7-15, Studio show
Lookout, „Kunst im Freigang“, Art in public space, 1020 Vienna, Taborstraße
SOS Mitmensch Auction, Aula der Wissenschaften, Vienna
WHITE//PARALLEL, Pool7 Gallery, Vienna (in collaboration with K. Adaniya-H.)
2019‘Outdoor’, Open Studio Days in Lower Austria
2018‘Von B bis Z’, Galerie 5er Haus, (in collaboration with U. Bernhard), Reichenau, Lower Austria
‚fort.fahren’, Fotogalerie Feuerbachl, Neunkirchen, Lower Austria
SOS Mitmensch, Auktion, Aula der Wissenschaften, Wien
‘Signs’, Open Studio Days in Lower Austria
2017‚Baustellen-Relikte’, NÖ Tage der offenen Ateliers
,Der Mittelmeerrouter’, Das T/abor, Wien (Benefizveranstaltung)
2016’H:1923-2011. Multiple Fictions’, Pool7 Gallery, eyes on, Internat. Month of Photography, Vienna
‘Successful Arrival’, Open Studio Days in Lower Austria
’reilics and remains: violet lodge3’, Hirschwangerhof, Reichenau, Lower Austria
’Water and Passion’, Galerie am Park, Vienna (in collaboration with I.F. Frauenberger)
,Arbeit’, Pool7 Galerie, Vienna
,’Pick a Cloudlet – Towner’s Delight in Summer’, Hirschwangerhof, Reichenau, Lower Austria
,FraKwürdig’, Atelier-Galerie InDerBrüßlgasse, Vienna
‘O lovely scenery! O beautiful site! The idyll and what’s behind’ – Photography, Hirschwangerhof, Reichenau
2015’Under Construction’, Open Studio Days in Lower Austria
ARTmART, Künstlerhaus, Vienna
‚Handapparat der Neugierde’, IG Bildende Kunst, Wien
’SMALL’, Kunstraum Super, Wien
2014’On the Skirts of the Wood’, Open Studio Days in Lower Austria
Selfie, Internet exhibition, Cyberlab, Galerie Westlicht
’Twilight’, LDXArtodrome Gallery, Malta
’nude’, Kunststück Berlin
2013’Summer Holidays’, Open Studio Days in Lower Austria
Art Beijing 2013
‚Zeitgeist und Wandel’, LDXArtodrome Galerie, Berlin
2012SURPRISE 4! 15 – 18 November 2012, Athens
2011Tatort Hernals, Blütenlese, Installation im öffentlichen Raum
2010‘Gisela’, Month of Photography, Vienna
„Vorurteilvernichtungsmaschine“, soho in ottakring
„Orientierung“, report about the project „It is only a piece of clothing“, ORF 2, 02/14/2010
Mujer, Museo Contemporaneo Cusco, Peru
‚Wir leben und arbeiten in Wien’, AREA 53 Vienna
„Kopftuchkulturen“, Museum Hartberg, Styria
2009„Glücksbringer und Talismane“, Windspiel Gallery
„Die unerträgliche Leichtigkeit der Arbeit“, soho in ottakring
Wasserturm, Vienna
2008„Image Transfer“, Internationaler Monat der Fotografie, Vienna
„Bethlehem-Impressionen“ (gem. Czerwenka-W.; Spatt), Windspiel Galerie
’Summer Ressort’, Weyringergasse
ViennArt: “Entscheidungen. Wien und das symbolische Kapital”, MUSA (Museum auf Abruf), Vienna http://www.kunstwien.net/2008/viennart-2008/
‚Hautsympathisch’, Windspiel Galerie
MUSA Museum auf Abruf, Vienna
‚Hautsympathisch’, Galeriegemeinschaft Wegerer:Brandstätter, St. Nikola, Upper Austria
Austrian Papermuseum PaperJewelry exhibition April til November 2008
’Woman – between reality and fantasy’, Al Kahf Gallery, Bethlehem
2007“Image transfer”, Windspiel Galerie
„Die verhüllte Frau -It is only a piece of clothing“, Windspiel Galerie (zusammen mit I.Czerwenka-W)
‚Schnee von gestern’, Windspiel Galerie
Disconta2/Malerei, IG Bildende Kunst
“becoming intimate“, Severinstrasse, Fenster AufZu 08.12.07
Schmuck aus Papier, Papierwespe, Wien
PUBLICwienSPACE, Wolke7, Wien
Galerie Heinrich, Vienna, Videofilm ‘It is only a piece of clothing’. Half-day tours in Vienna, wearing chadors with public invited.
Wissenschaft fragen, Universitätsbücherei
‚frau-woman’, Windspiel Gallery
’Paper Road’, IAPMA, Museum Deggendorf, Germany
2006’Summerjourneys’, Month of Photography, Windspiel Gallery, Vienna (in collaboration with H.H. Capor)
„ICH.Baustelle, Memet“, Soho in Ottakring, 1160 Wien, Grundsteingasse 45-47, Kunst Tankstelle and Yppenplatz
’Old Women’, Universtity of Economics, Vienna
„Violet Lodge“, Al-Kahf Galerie, Bethlehem, Palestine
‘Growing Up in Austria and Syria’, Windspiel Gallery, Vienna
Genius at 14, Windspiel Galllery
woman talk business, RZB Vienna
’Christmas Tree’, Windspiel Galerie, Vienna
„Zeichnung“, Galerie IG Bildende Kunst, Vienna
’ICH.formen’ Show for Innovationspreis der Stadt Wien, Kunsthalle Karlsplatz, Project Space, Vienna
Sel.Nr 6 ,COUNTDOWN 1oo labels: 100 dresses’,
Electric Avenue/quartier21/MuseumsQuartier, Vienna
’Paper Road’, IAPMA, Austrian Paper Museum, Steyrermühl
’ICH.Baustelle, ICH.formen’, Soho in Ottakring.
-frau/woman-, Pavelhaus, Bad Radkersburg
Wissen schafft fragen, Kunsthalle, Project Space, Vienna http://www.eop.at/datenbank/projekte/wissenschafftfragen/
ICH.formen, Windspiel Gallery, Vienna
2005Internet exhibition with Berufsverband Bildender Künstler Niederbayern (Lower Bavarian Fine Arts Association)
‚bijou’, Windspiel Galerie
‘Rapunzel’: weaving action programme with public participation, Vienna
‘Violet Lodge: Remains and Relics’ Vienna
“Nude“, Windspiel Gallery
‘Hiding-Changing-Transforming’ Windspiel Gallery
2004‘Europe – People and Their Places’ Amtshaus Wieden/Vienna
‘Art Today – Greta Today’ Windspiel Gallery
‘Woman – Between Reality and Fantasy’ Windspiel Gallery
‘United Space: Uzbekistan and Austria’ Windspiel Gallery; M-Art Galerie, Vienna
‘Hiding-Changing-Transforming’ Windspiel Gallery
2003„(2 x 12) + 6 + (1 x 2)“, Wort und Bild Galerie, Vienna
Atelier H. Breuer, Breitenlee, Vienna
Graffiti – Wandmalerei, Wieden, Vienna
Galeria Subterra, Varberg, Sweden
„Under Pressure“, Windspiel Galllery, Vienna
A is for Art, Postcards, Austria, America, Australia, Argentina
‚Kunst-Sachen’, Windspiel Gallery, Vienna
‚jakarloo’, Senegal- Autriche, Graz
‚Bild – Zeichen’, Windspiel Gallery, Vienna
“That’s new!“, Galerie IG-Bildende Kunst, Vienna
Museum of Modern Art, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Japanese Cultural Festival, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna
‚jakarloo – vis á vis’ Senegal-Autriche, Kunsthalle Feldbach
‘Baggage Allowance’ Exhibition by the international artists’ network Portón, Galeria Subterra, Varberg, Sweden
Museum of Contemporary Art, Cusco, Peru (five-woman exhibition)
2002‘Interno’ Women’s art, M-Art Galerie, Vienna
‚jakarloo – vis á vis’ Senegal-Autriche, Windspiel Gallery
‘Baggage Allowance’ Exhibition by the international artists’ network Portón, Feldbach Kunsthalle, Styria
ART Nimes, France
Schloss Potzleinsdorf, Vienna, and Purgstall Town Hall, Lower Austria
‘Baggage Allowance’ Exhibition by the international artists’ network Portón, Windspiel Gallery, Vienna
Femina 2002, Haifa and Daliat El-Carmel, Israel
‘Art Against Racism’ Vienna Integration Fund
2001Schimmelgasse Cultural Centre, Vienna (in collaboration with H. Osorio)
‚Dialogue’, M-Art Gallery, Vienna
College of Fine Arts, Cusco, Peru
Museum of Contemporary Art, Cusco, Peru
Centro cultural bellas artes, Lima, Peru
EXPO “Women of the 21th Century“, Latin American Art Museum, Miami, USA
‘Five-Woman’, Windspiel Gallery, Vienna
‘Dialogue’, International Art Exhibition St. Petersburg, Russia
‘Colour, Light and Landscape’, ‘Tarot’ Workshops, Tuscany, Italy
2000‘Painting, Dreams and Vision’ Workshop, Greece
‘Kulturtage 2000’ Painting workshop for the handicapped, Vienna
1999Exhibition backing project in support of African women, Galerie Alpha, Vienna
1998Windspiel-Atelier, Vienna
1997Start of ‘Fetishes and Masks’ Project
1996Start of study project ‘Flowers as a Way into the Self’ Flower painting as an opening into the subconscious.
1995 ‘In Motion’ Hanak Museum, Langenzersdorf
1994Workshop Gallery of the Salzkammergut Artists’ Guild, Gmunden, Upper Austria
1993Painting and performance, Galerie im Maurer Schlössel, Vienna
‘Tanzsprache 93’ Performance in the WUK – Werkstätten- und Kulturhaus (Crafts and Cultural Centre), Vienna
Painting and performance, Community project in the Galerie im Maurer Schlössel, Vienna
1990Group exhibition, Galerie im Maurer Schlössel, Vienna
1989Galerie im Maurer Schlössel, Vienna
1988Galleria Hintermayer, Vienna
1987‘Mountain Workshop’ Kleines Sölktal, Niedere Tauern, Styria
1983Henkel-Galerie, Vienna
1982Neighbourhood Centre, Vienna
Greta Znojemsky im Atelier


2005: 3rd prize, Lower Austrian Art Forum, St. Pölten
1972: 2nd prize, AK-competition


The artist’s work is featured in public and private collections in Austria (Henkel Collection; Gmunden Municipal Gallery) Germany, Finland, Australia, Peru (Museum of Contemporary Art, Cusco), Uzbekistan (British American Tobaccos Collection, Tashkent) and Palestine (Collection International Center, Bethlehem).


Hi res photos for print

For high resolution imagery of my works, please send me an email at presse@gretaznojemsky.at.

About the work of Greta Znojemsky

Main intention is diversity. My approach is complex and uses a wide range of media, including photography, sculpture, objects, water colour and other painting techniques, drawing and prints as well as installations. Two principal aims are a broad spectrum and a focus of activity on the border areas between the media. There are elements of both the material and the immaterial, receptive to borderline experiences.
Projects involving active participation and socially critical initiative such as aging and woman, the obsession with beauty or the search for happiness.

Work in three dimensions opens the way into such diverse fields as ready-mades, little sculptures made of wire, alabastre, wood and objets trouvés. Installations combine a variety of media.

Short biography Greta Znojemsky

  • Born 1950 with twin brother Hans in Vienna. Living and working in Lower Austria since 2015.
  • Studies at the University of Applied Art, graduated in 1972 with MFA – and the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna (1977 Graduation with MA in art teaching).
  • 1972 Scholarship to study in Paris.
  • 1976 Study scholarship of the Academy of Fine Arts.
  • 1993 – 2011: foundation of the ‘Windspiel Laboratory for Creativity and Treasure Hunting, a training centre and studio for research into the relationship between creativity and personality development.
  • 2001 – 2012: foundation of the Windspiel Gallery, a platform for national and inter-cultural projects.
  • Co-founder and president (2001 – 2015) of the art association Kunstart-Europäisches Kunstnetzwerk (European Art Network).
  • Curator and exhibition organiser for national and international projects. „frau/mujer zwischen Realität und Phantasie oder ein Kaleidoskop (2004 – 2010); „Die verhüllte Frau“ (2007), ICH.formen (2006), „Bethlehem“ (2008).
  • Workshops in Austria, Greece, Italy, Peru, Uzbekistan and Palestine.
  • Work on show in public and private collections in Austria, Germany, Finland, Peru, Australia, Uzbekistan and Palestine.
  • Since 1982, solo exhibitions and participation in group displays in Austria, Peru, USA, Russia, Israel, France, Sweden, Uzbekistan, Palestine, Greece, Germany, Malta and China.