Windspiel Gallery and Laboratory

The Windspiel GALLERY was founded by Greta Znojemsky in 2001 in Weyringergasse 20 in the Upper Wieden, part of Vienna’s Fourth District.

Platform and forum where artists could present their points of view, encouraged contact with both Austrian and non-Austrian artists.

The mission was: Art does not have to conform with standard ideas of beauty, though of course it may! It can shock people into paying attention and wake them up. Art can help to stir awareness of conflict, to encourage understanding of the other point of view and to reduce prejudice.
Art takes no account of boundaries, whether the mental boundaries between individuals or the broader differences in thinking and outlook. In this way it helps to broaden horizons.
A vivid exhibition programm was run till 2011 than Windspiel Gallery fell asleep like the Sleeping Beauty till 2016.
The Windspiel Goes Hirschwangerhof Cooperation in Reichenau an der Rax was run as an artprojectspace during the year 2016.

The gallery activities have ended. Thank you for visiting and for collaboration.

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About the work of Greta Znojemsky

Main intention is diversity. My approach is complex and uses a wide range of media, including photography, sculpture, objects, water colour and other painting techniques, drawing and prints as well as installations. Two principal aims are a broad spectrum and a focus of activity on the border areas between the media. There are elements of both the material and the immaterial, receptive to borderline experiences.
Projects involving active participation and socially critical initiative such as aging and woman, the obsession with beauty or the search for happiness.

Work in three dimensions opens the way into such diverse fields as ready-mades, little sculptures made of wire, alabastre, wood and objets trouvés. Installations combine a variety of media.

Short biography Greta Znojemsky

  • Born 1950 with twin brother Hans in Vienna. Living and working in Lower Austria since 2015.
  • Studies at the University of Applied Art, graduated in 1972 with MFA – and the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna (1977 Graduation with MA in art teaching).
  • 1972 Scholarship to study in Paris.
  • 1976 Study scholarship of the Academy of Fine Arts.
  • 1993 – 2011: foundation of the ‘Windspiel Laboratory for Creativity and Treasure Hunting, a training centre and studio for research into the relationship between creativity and personality development.
  • 2001 – 2012: foundation of the Windspiel Gallery, a platform for national and inter-cultural projects.
  • Co-founder and president (2001 – 2015) of the art association Kunstart-Europäisches Kunstnetzwerk (European Art Network).
  • Curator and exhibition organiser for national and international projects. „frau/mujer zwischen Realität und Phantasie oder ein Kaleidoskop (2004 – 2010); „Die verhüllte Frau“ (2007), ICH.formen (2006), „Bethlehem“ (2008).
  • Workshops in Austria, Greece, Italy, Peru, Uzbekistan and Palestine.
  • Work on show in public and private collections in Austria, Germany, Finland, Peru, Australia, Uzbekistan and Palestine.
  • Since 1982, solo exhibitions and participation in group displays in Austria, Peru, USA, Russia, Israel, France, Sweden, Uzbekistan, Palestine, Greece, Germany, Malta and China.