Davenport, 2009, C-Print, 21×28,3cm

‘Gisela’ – What Remains, sequence of 21 pictures

When do memories become alive? Views and items, originating from the living environment of a person recently defunct, are exhibited. Her absence is felt, quietly harking back to her. Void, silence and items seem to merge into each other. An incomplete special description by individual items. Details are being spotted, zoomed, and the odd comes into sight. Things could happen in the still intact rooms, and tell about the person whose home they were. We only just discern this person – possibly she awaits our disappearance so that she can re-enter these premises. If we get into the spirit of these empty rooms she seems to still be somehow alive in the objects and rooms, even if she is already gone.

Eyes On. European Month of Photography 2010, Vienna, November 4th – 27th 2010