Signs of Hope

Installation, 2021

Pink clouds hang over green meadow pieces on the wall and on the floor.

The clouds are filled with notes written with wishes, visions and calls of hope for a good future. A green handbag and a pair of green shoes stand around among the meadow pieces. They are made of shredded paper – relics of prescriptions and medical histories from a social club. They provide a succinct and cautionary symbol of vulnerable nature, but also speak of the essential role that interaction with nature plays in human health. Speak of the overlapping and interpenetration of nature and civilisation and undermine the impression of an idyll of nature.

Summer freshness
Paper, magnetic tape, acrylic on canvas, 116x247cm
Meadow Pieces
6 panels, papier-mâché, paper waste, acrylic, canvas, each 55x55x25cm (resp. 55x55x5cm)
Lying on the floor
Handbag and shoes
Acrylic, paper and paper waste, 38x36x10cm, 22x27x10cm
Signs of Hope
11 Pink cloud objects made of papier-mâché, tissue paper, acrylic paint