Summer Holidays

For “Summer Holidays Traces of Green – Media Attention”, 2008, cleared out shreds of paper – records and administrative documents, originating from an institute for health and social affairs such as medical certifications, reports and health care data – were made part of a “sound” growth process again, i.e. the development of a picture. Symbolizing grass blades and hay bundles on a summer meadow, they are completed by magnetic recording tapes, traces of former capability for communication between man and nature. The tapes also refer to the media’s current interest in the issue of climate change.

The objects of Bag and Shoes (2008) present themselves in green livery. Ecological awareness as fashionable disguise. Handbags and shoes are a fetish, magical objects the wearing of which bears a special meaning. Pick up your bag, take on your shoes and go out in the wild.