ICH.formen. A participative art project

Project “ICH.formen” is based on the observation that a high level of individualism – the EGO brand, ME.INCORPORATED – and the pressure to distinguish oneself are increasing.
However, social cold and isolation are spreading at the same time. All the different EGO.brands and ME.INCORPORATIONS create a culture of separate individuals who increasingly feel left alone in society. These days, people are requested to promote their personality like a brand and “reveal more of themselves”. The prospect participated in the art project with a photo of himself. I then initiated the approach and the production. In the meantime, there were conversations and model studies, photo sessions, outlines and interviews. The results of the artistic approach, the works created, were presented at the end of the production period.

Idea and concept 2006 Greta Znojemsky


ICH.formen was shown in two different productions:

Windspiel Galerie, Vienna
Kunstwerkstatt mit Schlusspräsentation February/March 2006

Art Festival soHo in Ottakring, Vienna
„Under Construction/Achtung Baustelle!“ Vienna, May/June 2006