Prejudice Extermination Machine

Prejudice Extermination Machine, 2010

Art festival, Soho in Ottakring, May 8 th – Mai 22nd, 2010

Object of the size of a room, made from cardboard, corrugated board, wood, paper, polystyrene, insulant, brushes, objets trouvés… Set up freely in the room. Visits may use the prejudice extermination machine’s various stations to get freed from their prejudice – they may brush themselves, connect to hoses, lay down on a lounger, dream, put on a helmet, look through rose-colored glasses, have new and better dogmas prompted…
Racism is usually based on generalization and prejudice. Today’s youth is cheeky. Foreigners are “thieves, burglars and riffraff”. On top of this, right-wing populist parties enjoy a large clientele and present those allegedly responsible for social and economic problems that have even aggravated by the fiscal crisis.
Supported by children, an extermination machine was built from various materials. Components were drawn and painted, boxes were assembled. All kinds of cables, wires and tubes made the extermination machine’s seating. Phrases of racist prejudice were fed to the machine. The machine calls on visitors to getting brainwashed. The machine also allows for packing and filling prejudice to containers, to hoppers and buckets, to expose them to various processes, to delete them, wash them away, brush them against the grain, convert them and dispose of them.
In cooperation with GRG17, Geblergasse