Vienna Phone Directory

Vienna Phone Directory, 2009, slide, metal kettle, 2 metal frames each 134x114cm, ID-stickers

Installation view. October 11th – 12th, 2008 MUSA Museum auf Abruf, Vienna

The Vienna phone directory provides Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Italian, Slovakian, Slovenian (….) My work spotlights family names that are not of “German” origin yet still of Austrian nature. Behind them are individuals = figurative capital!

The slide “Melting Pot” has been projected onto the wall. In front of it is a tripod a metal kettle hangs from that. Two metal frames carry numerous ID-stickers lettered with names of “non-German” origin, obtain from the Vienna phone directory. Selecting names that visitors find attractive or interesting, the stickers may be pulled out of the pot and clipped to the lines of the two metal frames.